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Our Identification
This is the website of RebEll Wrap LLC, doing business as WH Candy.

Visitor Identification or Use of Cookies

Cookies are small bits of information that a web site transfers to an individual's computer for record keeping purposes. We use cookies in a variety of ways to create a more personalized on-line experience for the user. For example, we use cookies to store visitors preferences, record session information (such as items that consumers add to their shopping basket), record past activity to provide better service when visitors return to the site, and to customize (when appropriate) web page content based on visitor's browser type or other information that the visitor sends. These cookies contain no personal information about you.

Please feel confident that we employ the most advanced technology for protecting your transaction information. At WH Candy we use encryption technologies when transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site. Any page on our site that handles sensitive information, such as your credit card number, is securely encrypted and PCI DSS compliant.

Our Commitment to Privacy
We value your trust and want to ensure we keep it; therefore, the following are policies we have established for the collection and use of addresses.


Email Policy
We are aware of our consumer's concern over unauthorized use of the email address (spamming). We will do everything possible to protect the privacy of our visitors without hindering the services we provide to them.


When we collect an email address of an individual filling out a form to contact us we will ask them to opt-in to receive promotional emails from us in the future. An individual will not be required to opt-in to have their questions answered by us.
If a visitor signs up to receive promotional email from us we will consider this opt-in permission.
Every promotional email we send will contain an option for the recipient to opt-out and not receive any future promotional emails. We will honor all opt-out requests.
We will not rent or exchange our email addresses.

No opt-in (or opt-out) permission will be required for sending emails to confirm orders, answer questions that have been emailed to us, order shipping information or other pertinent order information.


Mailing Policy
The following are policies we follow for mailing addresses we collect:


We will mail future print catalogs to any mailing address we gather from either an online order or an online catalog request.
Occasionally, we will share mailing addresses of people who have purchased from our site with other companies. These companies will have been thoroughly screened by us beforehand. Only companies we believe would be of interest to you will be allowed to use these addresses.

Any print customer wishing to be placed on our "Do Not Share" list may contact us via email or telephone to be removed from our list. Please provide us with your exact name and address. We will be sure your name is removed from the list we share with other organizations.


Changes in Policy
If our information practices change at some time in the future, we will post the policy changes to our website to notify you of these changes, and provide you with the ability to opt-out of these new uses. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should check back at our website periodically.

Association with The Hershey Company
RebEll Wrap, LLC, d.b.a. WH Candy, is an independent retailer and operates a retail website at whcandy.com. RebEll Wrap, LLC is not in a joint venture or partnership with The Hershey Company, its divisions or subsidiaries and makes no claim of rights to any of the HERSHEY'S® trademarks, trade dress, or the HERESHEIS®, HEREHEIS® and HERETHEYARE® trademarks, related trade dress and copyrights, all of which are the property of The Hershey Chocolate and Confectionary Corporation.

All HERSHEY'S® products sold on this website are manufactured by The Hershey Company. All HERSHEY'S® trademarks, related trade dress and copyrights listed, are owned by The Hershey Company. These include, but may not be limited to: HERSHEY'S®, MINIATURES™, KISSES®, SPECIAL DARK®, MR. GOODBAR®, KRACKEL® and REESE'S®.

The HERESHEIS®, HEREHEIS® and HERETHEYARE® trademarks, related trade dress and copyrights, and the domain whcandy.com are used under license from Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation by Rebell Enterprises, Inc. The foregoing should not to be construed as an endorsement by The Hershey Company, Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation, its divisions or subsidiaries.

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