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Customer Rave Review

"I bought the HERESHEIS birth announcements for my granddaughter. They were wonderful! They were the best candy wrappers I've seen.

- Cynthia

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We have been proudly wrapping our signature HERESHEIS and HEREHEIS candy bars since 1993 when company founder, Ed Carson, became a grandparent. Looking for a creative way to celebrate the birth of his granddaughter, Ed happened to gaze upon a HERSHEY'S chocolate bar and thought to himself, "here she is."

Equipped with a computer, printer and great imagination Ed created a pink wrapper to place around a HERSHEY'S chocolate bar. The edible HERESHEIS birth announcements were an instant hit with relatives, friends and hospital staff, who soon began asking Ed to print wrappers for them.


The business grew quickly when the chocolate birth announcements were promoted in local hospital gift shops. Eventually, Ed started marketing to new mothers throughout the US with samples of HERESHEIS and HEREHEIS candy bars and effective coupons.


Since then we have expanded are signature line to include HERESHEIS, HEREHEIS and HERETHEYARE wrappers for birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers and many other special occasions and events. They continue to be some of our most popular designs to date.


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